Features of Portable Power Station


Features of Portable Power Station:

  • AC output

The biggest advantage of outdoor power supply is that it has AC output function. It can be used for power supply and use of any equipment that needs to be plugged into the power socket, as long as it does not exceed the maximum output power of the power supply itself. Generally, the outdoor power supply is 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz sine wave alternating current.

  • Easy to carry

Most portable power stations are not only light in weight and small in size, but also equipped with handles. They can be portable and can be carried.

  • Long life and strong endurance

Built-in high polymer lithium ion battery, equipped with advanced battery management system and fireproof materials, ensures the long life of the battery and the safety of the use process; At the same time, the battery has large capacity and strong power, which can provide power support for multiple electrical equipment at the same time, and achieve long-term endurance.

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  • Rich interfaces and strong compatibility

The interface is rich, with AC, USB, Type-C, car charging and other interface outputs, which is convenient for users to use in different scenarios and more selective.

  • PD 60W two-way fast charging

It has the bidirectional fast charging function of PD 60W (5V/9V/12V/15V/20V), and supports the power supply of PD devices with various Type-C interfaces, such as Macbooks, iPads, Apple phones, etc. The charging speed is several times faster than conventional charging, and it only takes a few hours to fully charge, greatly reducing waiting.

  • Intelligent digital display screen

With intelligent digital display screen, the power display, output function, temperature alarm, overload prompt and other functions are clear at a glance.

  • LED lighting mode

The high-power LED lighting function has two modes of lighting/SOS. Strong focus, high brightness, and continuous illumination for more than 167 hours.

  • Multiple security protection

The independent multiple protection of the battery pack, such as overvoltage, overcurrent, over-temperature, overload, overcharge, over-discharge, short circuit, can not only conduct real-time dynamic detection and charge and discharge management, but also ensure the safety and stability of the entire battery pack operation.

  • Vehicle emergency start function

It has a very large peak current output and can start all 12V gasoline (not all brands of the outdoor power supply of CARKU PB01 used by the author).