Portable Power Station ≠ large power bank


Portable Power Station and Power Bank, as energy storage devices integrating charging and power supply functions, are highly similar in use. Therefore, many people’s initial impression of outdoor power supply is the large power bank, but in fact, there are great differences between them.
A. Input/output interface
At present, the input interfaces of the Power Bank are generally USB, type-c, and lighting, which only support municipal charging; Output interface: usb, type-c, so the devices that can be used are only limited to a few electronic digital devices.
The outdoor power supply has five output interfaces, including vehicle charging output, USB output, type-c output, AC output, and DC5525 output, and has a wider range of input modes, supporting municipal charging, solar panel charging, and vehicle charging.

B. Capacity and power
The compact and exquisite charging bank is used to provide charging service for mobile phones, tablets and other digital devices in daily use. Its power and capacity are small, and it cannot support the mainstream large electrical appliances on the market.
The outdoor power supply supports AC/DC output modes, with higher power output and battery capacity, and supports the charging of household appliances, outdoor live broadcast equipment, office notebooks, and aerial photography UAVs.

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