Difference between mAh and Wh


Difference between mAh and Wh:

The battery capacity of the charging bank or mobile phone is usually mAh (milliampere), which means that the larger the battery capacity, the longer the battery life, while the portable power station usually uses Wh (watt hour). Both mAh and Wh are the units of battery capacity, but their conversion methods are different, so they need to be converted to the same unit for visual comparison.

  • Power bank unit: mAh [milliampere hour], generally referred to as [milliampere]
  • Portable Power Station Unit: Wh
  • MAh is [capacity] unit, while Wh is [electricity]
  • The relationship between the two is: mAh × Voltage ÷ 1000=Wh.

If the voltage is the same, you can use mAh to compare the capacity of the same type of battery, but if you are comparing the battery of two different products, and their working voltage is different, you need to use Wh to compare.
The unit of battery capacity is Wh (watt hour), 1 kilowatt-hour=1000Wh, and most common power capacity on the market is about 1000Wh.
However, the larger the capacity, the heavier the fuselage will be. In order to facilitate our carrying, it is better to choose the capacity suitable for us.

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